Preddie Law is located in the Niagara region.  We provide legal services in the areas of Employment, Human Rights Claims, Human Rights Investigations, and Consumer Rights throughout Southern Ontario. 

About Preddie Law

Arlene C. Preddie, Esq.

Arlene C. Preddie, Esq.

Arlene Preddie graduated from Rutgers Law School—Newark, NJ in 2002 with a Juris Doctorate. She was admitted to the New York Bar in 2003. She initially worked as a law guardian for children in Brooklyn, NY before working in insurance defence in the United States and Canada as a claims attorney.

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Employment and COVID-19: What You Should Know

The Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) sets out minimum standards of employment for most employees in Ontario workplaces. It does not prohibit employers from requiring employees to stay at home due to potential public health risks, like COVID-19 (coronavirus). Generally, an employer is not required under the ESA to pay an employee wages if the employee has not worked. Some employees may have additional rights under: an employment contract (including a collective agreement) the ...
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FEDERALLY REGULATED EMPLOYEES AND TERMINATION PART III of Canada’s Labour Code (the “Code”) governs the Standard Hours, Wages, Vacations and Holidays for federally regulated employees.  If you are employed by one of the following businesses and industries, most likely your working in a federally regulated sector:  • Banks; • Marine shipping, ferry and port services; • Air transportation, including airports, aerodromes and airlines; • Railway and road transportation that involves ...
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Resources for Employers

Workplace Conflict Conflict in the workplace can stem from such things as personality differences, unfettered gossip, and inequity of resources.  Workplace Conflict reduces productivity and can be costly if it ends in litigation.  Employers can manage workplace conflict by dealing promptly with conflict that employees cannot resolve amongst themselves. To manage conflict, employers should ensure that: 1) policies and communications are clear and 2) the decision making process is transparent. ...
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Terms & Definitions

Table of Contents SEVERANCE PAY Severance pay compensates an employee for losses that occur when a long-term employee loses their job and is reserved for long term employees only. The intent of severance pay is to compensate an employee for loss of seniority, the value of firm-specific skills, and recognizes an employee’s duration of service. In order to qualify the employer must: have an annual payroll of at least $2.5 ...
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Employment Law

Employees:  Tired of facing Goliath without your slingshot?

Let’s face it many of us have had our rights trampled on and didn’t have the energy or resources to fight the elephant in the room. Preddie Law is not the cheapest or the most expensive Law Office but she offers rates that should fit most budgets giving more longevity to a client’s resources. If you’re looking for a firm that is open to challenging traditional ways of thinking and practicing law, try Preddie Law.

Note, one cannot contract out of the minimum payments set forth in the Employment Standards Act. Moreover, if the common law presumption of reasonable notice has not been clearly rebutted, then the employee is entitled to pay in lieu of notice for the reasonable period under the common law.

Human Rights Claims:
Dealing with all claims of discrimination falling under the Ontario Human Rights Code

Consumer Rights:
Assist in the removal of Notice of Security Interests (“NOSI”)/liens on title in connection with the rental of HVAC equipment.

For Employees

Experiencing a workplace issue?  Contact Preddie Law immediately so we can help determine the best course of action for your situation.


Severance Pay

Find out how much severance you are owed.  


Wrongful Dismissal

Did your employer have cause to terminate you?


Termination Without Cause

Are you owed a severance? How much?


Constructive Dismissal

Changes made to your employment?  What are your options?


Termination "For Cause"

Are you entitled to severance pay?  If so, how much and when?


Harassment & Discrimination

Are you a victim of workplace harassment? We can help.


Pregnancy and Parental Leave

Are you entitled? Have your rights been denied? Find out.


Ministry of Labour Complaints

Should you contact the Ministry of Law?


Temporary Layoffs

Changes made a work?  Discover your options.


Duty to Accommodate

Have you experienced a violation of your rights?


Employment Insurance and Severance Pay

Are you entitled to EI or severance pay?

For Employers

Human Rights & Workplace Investigations.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Fee Structures

Hourly Rate:
$400 per hour + HST

Contingency Fee:
Legal fees dependent on a successful disposition or outcome of your case.

Flat Rate:
Based on discussion with client.

Notary Services:
$35.00 for the first page.  $20.00 for each additional document.


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